Project > Office Building of CPPCC


                                      Location Xicheng District, Beijing
                                      Floor Area 42,000㎡
                                      Design Time 1993
                                      Completion Time 1995


                                      1996 National Quality Awards Luban Prize
                                      1998 Best Design Award to Subsidiaries of the Ministry of Construction First Prize
                                      1996 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Awards Merit Work

                                      Office Building of CPPCC

                                        The difficulty of the layout is to maintain 10 old trees. The buildings are divided into three units. Each of them is located between two gardens of old trees. So every garden is embraced by buildings while one can see several gardens from a building. Clad by stone panels, the new buildings are correspond to the existing CPPCC Auditorium and enhance their sobriety of a government building.
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