Project > Beichuan Cultural Center


                                      Location Beichuan, Sichuan Province
                                      Floor Area 14,098㎡
                                      Design Time 2009
                                      Completion Time 2010


                                      2013 National Best Project Design Industry Award Frist Prize
                                      2011 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Award Best Work
                                      2012 Beijing Best Project Design Award First Prize

                                      Beichuan Cultural Center

                                      Situated in the northeast of the central axis, the Cultural Center is one of the most important buildings of the new county seat, and composed of Library, Cultural Hall and Qiang Folk Museum. The design conception originates from the Qiang settlement, and emphasizes on the blending of the architectural form and mountains with fluctuant roofing; as the earth landscape, the building naturally forms an integrated component of the urban landscape axis, and connects the three individual functional blocks together. Taking square buildings of various sizes and heights as the basic element, the building complex creates an abundant space experience as if people are travelling in a Qiang village. 
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