Project > National Stadium


                                      Cooperated with HdeM Architects
                                      Location Olympic Garden, Beijing
                                      Floor Area 258,055㎡
                                      Design Time 2002
                                      Completion Time 2008
                                      Seats 80,000


                                      2008 National Best Project Design Award Golden Prize
                                      2009 Prize of IOC & IAKS Gold Prize
                                      2009 RIBA Lubetkin Prize Grand Prize
                                      2008 National Quality Award Luban Prize
                                      2009 Architectural Society of China Structural Best Design Award First Prize
                                      2008 Tien-Yom Jeme Civil Engineering Prize
                                      2010 Architectural Society of China Water and Wastewater Engineering Best Design Award First Prize
                                      2009 Architectural Society of China Grand Creation Award
                                      2008 Beijing Best Project Design Award First Prize

                                      National Stadium

                                      Located at the southern part of the Olympic Green, the National Stadium is the main stadium of the 29th Olympiad in Beijing, 2008. The main steel structure is constituted of thin-wall box all welded steel sections as a large-span truss interwoven ‘bird-nest’ structure. Gently and almost imperceptibly, the ground of the city rises and forms a plinth for the stadium. All the affiliated functions are covered under the plinth that makes different entrances more clear and reasonable, providing a panorama of the entire Olympic complex. Being a seven-story shear wall system, the stadium's stand has a concrete framework. The huge stairs are interwoven with the steel structure as formal elements. The roof of the stadium is covered by a double-layer membrane structure with ETFE and PTFE membrane. 
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