Project > Lhasa Railway Station


                                      Location Lhasa, Tibet
                                      Floor Area 23,697㎡
                                      Design Time 2004
                                      Completion Time 2006


                                      2008 National Best Project Design Award Golden Prize
                                      2008 National Best Project Design Industry Award Second Prize
                                      2008 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Award Best Work
                                      2007 Architectural Society of China Structural Best Design Award Third Prize
                                      2007 Architectural Society of China HVAC Best Design Award First Prize
                                      2009 Architectural Society of China Grand Creation Award

                                      Lhasa Railway Station

                                      As a terminal of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the building is concernd as an important landmark of Tibet. The scheme attends to incorporate the building into to the unique loacl culture and environment of Tibet. The horizontal skyline of the building shows a respect to the landscape of the Plateau. The circulations of the passengers are highly regarded and the tourist and medical service are strengthened. A traditional way of Tibet building is used in the porch by a wood-covered steel frame on the top of the main entrance. The frame is supported by the clustered columns. Red and white are the dominant hue of the building. 
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