Project > Multi-function Broadcasting Tower in Olympic Green


                                      Location Fuzhou, Fujian Province
                                      Floor Area 135,132m2
                                      Design Time 2007
                                      Completion Time 2008
                                      Height 149m


                                      2008 National Best Project Design Award Bronze Prize
                                      2009 Architectural Society of China Structural Best Design Award Second Prize
                                      2009 Beijing Best Project Design Award Second Prize

                                      Multi-function Broadcasting Tower in Olympic Green

                                      The ExquisiteTowertakes on a triangle shape, for which the three angles are respectively stairs and elevator shafts and are also support points for steel frames. Oblique beams are crossed, jointed and connected with each other among frame shafts, naturally forming rhombic spaces as TV broadcasting studios. Each broadcasting studio unit is divided into two layers. The upper layer is a300m2broadcasting studio. Equipped with highly transparent and ultra clear glass, the windows can ensure shooting quality. The lower layer consists of equipment and integral toilet. The profile intends to directly express structural logic and properly avoid formal issues. The unassuming gesture of the tower makes it a corresponding to the surrounding large-scale buildings in the aspects of volumes, dimensions and powers.
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