Project > Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press


                                      Location Haidian District, Beijing
                                      Floor Area 16,000m2
                                      Design Time 1994
                                      Completion Time 1997


                                      2000 National Best Project Design Awards Bronze Prize
                                      2000 Best Design Award of the Ministry of Construction Second Prize
                                      2004 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Awards Best Work
                                      2009 Architectural Society of China Grand Creation Awards

                                      Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press

                                      As the headquarters for publishers who concentrate on the Chinese and western cultural exchanges, the design of the building adopts an image of bookshelf and juxtaposes classic architectural vocabularies both from Chinaand West. Beside the shaping methods, the large scale cutting for the complete cube also provide natural light and ventilation for more office rooms.

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